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2 Black Rhino Saddles For Sale
Saddle maker:  dave genadek
Black Rhino 15" Barrel Saddle made by Dave Genadek.  Visit his website at: to find out why the Black Rhino saddle is sought after and they are not that easy to find.  His custom tree is designed to have more contact with the horses back and the front of the bars are more flared to free the horses shoulder.  This is the #2 tree which was built larger than his #1 tree.  This saddle was made with all the integrity of one of best made saddles money can buy, the quality of materials and craftsmanship are something you can see and feel.  But, its what you cant see that inspired me to purchased the saddle.  This tree was designed with the anatomy of the horse in mind so it better fits the horse.   I can email more photos if you would like to see particular details.  I didn't barrel race, I just liked a deep seat for trail riding and I am selling because we dont have horses anymore. Asking $2,000.00 plus shipping from Arizona.  The saddle weighs about 37 lbs.
Please email me at:
Black Rhino Men's Trail Saddle with long fenders.  Its a 16" and it fits the owner who is  6'-2" tall. 
This is also the #2 tree.
Asking $2,000.00 shipping from Arizona and the saddle weighs about 37 lbs.


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